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Alberta 55 plus 

Alberta 55 plus is divided into 8 Zones, and Areas within each Zone, except for Edmonton and Calgary. Each Zone has its' own Board of Directors which include a Membership Director, Activity Director and Coordinators for each activity.   To enter and qualify for events and participate in our Provincials you must become a Member of Alberta 55 plus and represent the Zone you currently reside in.   The list below will take you to your Zone page, which shows you information that refers only to that Zone.  

ZONE 1 - Sunny South Senior Sports and Recreation AssociationZone 1 logo


ZONE 2 - Big Country Senior Sport SocietyZone 2 News


ZONE 3 - Calgary 55 Plus Games Association


ZONE 4 - Silver Willow AssociationZone 4 logo


ZONE 5 - Black Gold / Yellowhead Seniors Association


ZONE 6 - Edmonton Marigold 55 PlusZone 6


ZONE 7 - Lakeland Seniors Games AssociationZone 7 logo


ZONE 8 - Mighty Peace Sport and Recreation Association



  If you are still unsure of which Zone you are in, or if you are 'close' to the Municipal lines that separate the Zones, please use the Zone Finder Tool to locate your Zone

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