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Alberta 55 plus 

What is Alberta 55 plus?

Who We Are

Alberta 55 plus was incorporated under the name of ASCSRA (Alberta Senior Citizens Sport and Recreation Association) as a volunteer action group on January 31st, 1980 to:

  • promote sport and recreation development for Albertans 55+ across the province,
  • to act as the provincial voice of mature adults in the Alberta 55 Plus Games; and promote future Alberta 55 Plus Games.
  • A Board of Directors, with an executive and representatives from 8 zones across the province, is established. Consultants from Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks & Wildlife Foundation provide assistance and support.
  • Areas of financial assistance include Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks & Wildlife Foundation, donations, and our membership fees.

Each of our 8 zones must have an executive and board elected or appointed from established areas in the zone. Through these zone boards, local needs are identified and addressed by the Provincial Association.

Mission Statement

Given the inherent physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual and social benefits for persons 55 plus years of age who pursue an active lifestyle, Alberta 55 plus shall initiate and sponsor activities which support these benefits.

What We Do

  • Plan workshops to expose local mature adults to the association and show them how they can be an integral part.
  • Provide resource people and set up instructional demonstrations to develop and promote the games of pickleball, floor curling and other recreational activities.
  • Give talks to groups concerning the role of the association, future plans and other related topics.
  • Offer three types of memberships: Individual, Club, and Affiliate.
  • Issue newsletters to all members.

What Are We For

DEVELOPMENT of leadership, organization, and participation skills

EDUCATION of mature adults and the general public regarding the benefits of participation in Alberta 55 plus

CONSIDERATION of the special needs of mature Albertans when planning sport and recreation activities

INVOLVE mature adults as participants and organizers at local and provincial levels

DEVELOPMENT of equal opportunities for all mature adults regardless of age, sex, ability, or handicap

ENSURE adequate resources i.e. communication, clinics, conferences

SUPPORT the provincial voice of mature adults and ensure continuous funding

Where We Are Going

We are:

  • Working with provincial sport bodies to promote new activities for future Alberta 55 Plus Games;
  • exploring organizations for affiliation, working in cooperation with government departments and setting up a working arrangement for the benefit of all;
  • exploring with provincial sport bodies the concept of integrating educational programs and/or competitions;
  • developing leadership manuals and activity rule books;
  • initiating leadership and fitness workshops and inter-provincial competitions;
  • promoting and/or supporting 55 Plus Games on a national level.

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