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Alberta 55 plus 

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  • 17 Apr 2024 12:15 PM | Anonymous

    Women 55+

    Gold :  Lara Wiebe

    Annette Gregory

    Zone 2

    Silver : Kathy Iwaasa

    Lana Pittman

    Zone 1

    Men 55+

    Gold : Mark LeBere 

    Jay Kennedy

    Zone 2

    Silver :   John Zhao

    Alban Carvalho

    Zone 3

    BronzeMilton Iwaasa

    Ruel Vera Cruz

    Zone 1

    MiXed 55+

    Gold : Mark LeBere

    Lara Wiebe 

    Zone 2

    Silver :  Hong Zhang

    Virginia Pang

    Zone 6

    Bronze :  Kathy Iwaasa

    Ruel Vera Cruz

    Zone 1

    Women 60+

    Gold :  Grace Yuen

    Hong Zhang (Qiang)

    Zone 3

    Silver :  Cheryl Griep

    Toni Kerr

    Zone 2

    Men 60+

    Gold :  Chris Ballard

    Dale Martin

    Zone 3

    Mixed 60+

    Gold :  Milton Iwassa

    Lana Pittman

    Zone 1

    Men 65+

    Gold :  Jian Zhang

    Bolek Babiarz

    Zone 3

    Mixed 55+

    Gold :  Jian Zhang

    Grace Yuen

    Zone 3

    Silver : Cheryl Griep

    Bob Fast

    Zone 2 

  • 12 Apr 2024 2:28 PM | Anonymous

    Women 55

    Gold :  Amy Kern & Helen Thompson

    Silver :  Tanya Seneko & Wendy Trepanier

    Bronze :  Donna Weiman & Marlene Woods

    Women 60

    Gold : Donna Duff & Marlene Treleaven

    Silver : Janet Elliott & Angela Morin

    Bronze : Sharon Horn & Lisa Millar

    Women 65

    Gold : Lena Chi Chung & Mary Woo

    Silver : Bev Jones & Darlene Smith

    Bronze : Julie Bradshaw & Betty Caine

    Women 70

    Gold : Darlene Bekkenes & Judy Brewster

    Silver : Deb Hamer & Lynn Roche

    Women 75

    Gold : Ann Crouser & Vivian Oko

    Men 55

    Gold : Daryl Crooks & Gord McNeill

    Silver : Jim Yamkowy & Kevin Morrison

    Bronze : Brad Buss & David Khatib

    Men 60

    Gold : Dean Fontyene & Ken Angelstad

    Silver : Peter Walsh & Greg Smith

    Bronze : Wayne Lewin & Tim Elliott

    Men 65

    Gold : Cyril Gorman & David Austin

    Silver : Barry Irving & Ken Cochrane

    Bronze : Chi Cheung Chan & Bruce Chung

    Men 70

    Gold : Darrel Berkkenes & Aubrey Brewster

    Silver : Bob Milligan& Wayne Inkpen

    Men 75

    Gold : Dennis Bischel & Rolly Fagnan

    Silver : Mel Reid & Don Boorse

    Mixed 55

    Gold : Wayne Lewin & Amy Kern

    Silver : Wendy Trepanier & Kevin Morison

    Bronze : Wendy Novakowski & Sam Basilliades

    Mixed 60

    Gold : Ken Angelstad & Marlene Treleaven

    Silver : Janet Elliott & Daryl Crooks

    Bronze : Donna Duff & Dean Fontyene

    Mixed 65

    Gold : Donna Weiman & Gerald Weiman

    Silver : David Austin & Sharon Horn

    Bronze : Lenna Chi Chung & Bruce Chung

    Mixed 70

    Gold : Norm Vienneau & Darlene Williamson

    Silver : Deb Hamer & Darcy Budinski

    Bronze : Aubry Brewster & Judy Brewster

    Mixed 75

    Gold : Darlene Bekkenes & Daryl Bekkenes

    Silver : Dennis Bichel & Ann Crouser

    Bronze : Marion Dicke & Mel Reid

  • 27 Feb 2024 3:50 PM | Anonymous


    Gold : Sandy and Jeff Kaufman. Zone 6

    Silver :Joss Binns and Jim Adair. Zone 2

    Bronze :Randy and Ruby Olson, Zone 5


    Gold : Tom Steele and Barbara Palmer, Zone 5

    Silver : Gary and Elaine Sky, Zone 8

    Bronze : Ken Fedoruk and Bob Pasatsky, Zone 8

  • 27 Feb 2024 3:50 PM | Anonymous

    Men 55+

    Gold : J. Pallett, Edmonton (Zone 6)

    Silver : M. Buxton, Cochrane (Zone 2)

    Bronze : D. Schielke, Diamond Valley (Zone 2)

    Men 65+

    Gold : G. Hawkes, Cochrane (Zone 2)

    Silver : L. Hodgson, Lacombe (Zone 4)

    Bronze : J. Urlacher, Cold Lake (Zone 7)

    Men 70+

    Gold : J. Strain, Calgary (Zone 3)

    Silver : D. Campbell, Cochrane (Zone 2)

    Bronze : M. Letourneau, Spruce Grove (Zone 5)

    woMen 55+

    Gold : M. Ewanchuk, Calgary (Zone 3)

    Silver : C. Borys, Spruce Grove (Zone 5)

    Bronze : B. Buckley, Springbank (Zone 2)

    woMen 65+

    Gold : M. Hodge, Vulcan (Zone 1)

    Silver : B. Morris, Calgary (Zone 3)

    Bronze : C. Robertson, Sylvan Lake (Zone 4)

    Women 70+

    Gold : A. Alder, Calgary (Zone 3)

    Mixed 55+

    Gold : D. Small, Grande Prairie (Zone 8)

    Silver : N. Dupont, Lethbridge (Zone 1)

    Bronze : D. Ferguson, Cochrane (Zone 2)

    Mixed 65+

    Gold : R. Robinson, Lethbridge (Zone 1)

    Silver : R. Davis, Canmore (Zone 2)

    Bronze : S. McGrath, Cochrane (Zone 2)

    Open 75+

    Gold : L. Danielson, Calgary (Zone 3)

    Silver : K. Lorenz, Spruce Grove (Zone 5)

    Bronze : L. Peterson, Diamond Valley (Zone 2)

  • 21 Nov 2023 2:33 PM | Anonymous

    Fellow members,

    Another year has come and gone (almost) and there were several events scheduled around the province. Additionally, there are more planned and some happening right now this winter and in the spring of 2024. Of course, all these events will be qualifiers for the Canada 55+ Games in Quebec City. Please continue to visit the provincial website to read about all the upcoming events in your area.


    There was great enjoyment at the Alpine Skiing event back in February and our Ice Hockey Qualifying Tournament in April held at Cardel Rec Center South was a huge success. The planning that it takes to organize 500+ hockey players, and too many games to count, is no small undertaking. Kudos to Laura Lee Goetjen and Harvey Poon for a job well done.


    We held our AGM in Red Deer in May and sadly, we said goodbye to two long standing Board members: Pat Covington and Caroline Anker. They are sorely missed, and their combined 50 years of experience is impossible to replace. That being said, the need to continue with a full Board is imperative. We held elections at our AGM and two new members were elected to fill the vacancies. Richard Walliser was named as the new Technical Director North to replace Caroline and John Usher was named as the new VP North to replace Pat.


    There was another Board member who stepped down from his duties as Past President. Wayne Davies, another member with a ton of experience who certainly was one of my mentors when I took over, retired from the Board. It becomes increasingly difficult to replace these members who have served as representatives of both their respective Zones as well as the Provincial Board. We continue to beat the drum…


    The Provincial Summer Games that were held in Brooks this past August proved a big hit with those that attended. All results from those games can be found on the provincial website. There were close to 1000 members (and family) in attendance at the games and although there were some hiccups (isn’t there always☹) Brooks managed to stage a great event. Without a doubt, the smash hit of the Games was the entertainment, a cover band called The Beatles. I’ve never seen anything quite like it and a truer testimony was the number of people who not only dressed up in retro clothing, but stayed and danced until close to midnight. An absolute first for me to witness. Congratulations to Brooks for a great Games experience.


    By now, all of the qualifying medalists from the Brooks Games have received an invitation to participate in the Canada55+ Games being held next August in Quebec City. Currently, we are sitting at approximately 400 potential members who have been invited and there will be another 200-300 from the various Winter Games qualifiers. There is a very good chance that Alberta will be sending over 500 participants to Quebec. The CSGA Games are slated to run from Monday, August 26th thru Friday, August 30th. As you can imagine, there has been a whirlwind of activity surrounding the games and everything that goes with that.


    I would be remiss if I didn’t share that not everything is rosy with the CSGA Games. There have been some changes (good and bad) that me and Alberta as a province, have very little control over (or none at all) I will however continue to advocate for Alberta55 plus and ensure that our collective voices are heard at the next CSGA AGM. It’s a small consolation for some of you and I appreciate that, but please know that I will push for changes. Changes that encourage participation at all age and skill levels.


    In closing, several thank-yous are in order:

    Thank you for supporting Alberta55 plus…

    Thank you for supporting your respective zones…

    Thank you for being involved at so many levels…

    Thank you for staying active and engaged…


    And thank you for continuing to beat the drum…


    Till next time,


  • 27 Sep 2023 11:55 AM | Anonymous

  • 8 Aug 2023 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    Alberta 55 plus 2024 Winter Provincial Games

    The Summer and Winter Provincial Games are two vitally important events for Alberta 55 members.  They provide members with the opportunity to participate in their activity of choice as well as to socialize with new and old friends from across Alberta.  They also serve as the basis to form the Alberta team for the Canada 55+ Senior Games.  In Calgary, we held the Provincial Hockey tournament where men and women competed for the opportunity to take part in Quebec City next August and shortly our members will compete at the Brooks Newell Summer Provincial Games to claim a spot on the Alberta team.

    The table on the Winter Games pdf summarizes the information that has been confirmed, to date.  Each event will be hosted and run on a cost recovery basis whereby there is a zero balance when the event is over.  What this means for members is that depending on the event you participate in the fees could be different.  Each event has come up with a proposed budget to the Provincial Board for approval.  All efforts have been made to minimize the costs for participants.  Events which do not yet have a confirmed date, will be scheduled to avoid a conflict with an already scheduled event.

    As early as possible, (a minimum of 8 weeks in advance) posters will be distributed for each event – with specific information on the date, location, format, registration date and fee for each event/location.  All posters will be on the Alberta 55 plus website. 

    We continue to await a number of decisions from the Canada 55+ Games Committee on issues re optional events, age groups and rule changes and are committed to communicating   new information as quickly as possible.   A reminder that it is your age as of Dec.31st 2023 for the Summer Provincial Games and this will determine your age group for the 2024 Canada Senior Games. 

    Check the Alberta 55 plus website regularly for updates and as always, your Zone President, Activity Director or Kevin Worth, the Provincial Coordinator will be ready to address your questions or concerns.



    Continue to Beat the Drum and Good Luck!

  • 18 Apr 2023 1:49 PM | Anonymous

    Congratulations to all of our participants and winners!

    Full Results

  • 13 Apr 2023 12:51 PM | Anonymous

    Our hockey tournament was featured on CTV Calgary news!

    55 plus provincial hockey tournament in Calgary | CTV News

    Alison Ostergard

    Find the schedule on the event page

    Provincial Hockey Tournament

  • 23 Mar 2023 2:30 PM | Anonymous

    Important Notice to all Alberta 55 plus Members

    The 2023 Annual General Meeting will be held on

    10:00 AM, MONDAY, MAY 8th, 2023 at

    Red Deer Resort and Casino

    3310 - 50 Ave., Red Deer, Alberta

    2023 Membership is required at Registration

    Coffee and lunch will be served.

    For more information contact

    Kevin Worth, Provincial Coordinator


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