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Determine which Zone you currently reside in.

a. Check the Zone Map.

b. Use the Zone Finder Tool to identify your Zone. Then click the [Zone # Apply Here] button for your zone below. A new window will open for you to complete an online membership application. 

Zone 1 Apply Here  Sunny South Senior Sports & Recreation Association

Zone 2 Apply Here  Big Country Senior Sports Society

Zone 3 Apply Here  Calgary 55 Plus Games Association

Zone 4 Apply Here  Silver Willow Association

Zone 5 Apply Here  Black Gold/Yellowhead Seniors Association

Zone 6 Apply Here  Edmonton Marigold 55 Plus

Zone 7 Apply Here  Lakeland Senior Games Association

Zone 8 Apply Here  Mighty Peace Sport & Recreation Association

Membership Benefits

  • Enhance your physical and mental health
  • Travel, fun and competition with your peers
  • Qualify for Alberta 55 Plus Winter/Summer Games, Provincial/Zone tournaments
  • Participate at your own level in workshops and clinics for activities and sports
  • Receive sport and liability insurance while partaking in Alberta 55 plus events
  • Johnson Insurance is our sponsor – Take advantage of home + auto insurance at reduced rates!

Zone Map


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