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Alberta 55 plus 

Welcome to Alberta 55 plus

The 2024 Annual General Meeting will be held on

10:00 AM, MONDAY, MAY 6th, 2024 at

Red Deer Resort and Casino

3310 - 50 Ave., Red Deer, Alberta

2024 Membership is required at Registration

Coffee and lunch will be served.

For more information contact

Kevin Worth, Provincial Coordinator


Alberta 55 plus 2024 Winter Provincial Games

The Summer and Winter Provincial Games are two vitally important events for Alberta 55 members.  They provide members with the opportunity to participate in their activity of choice as well as to socialize with new and old friends from across Alberta.  They also serve as the basis to form the Alberta team for the Canada 55+ Senior Games.  In Calgary, we held the Provincial Hockey tournament where men and women competed for the opportunity to take part in Quebec City next August and shortly our members will compete at the Brooks Newell Summer Provincial Games to claim a spot on the Alberta team.

The table on the Winter Games pdf summarizes the information that has been confirmed, to date.  Each event will be hosted and run on a cost recovery basis whereby there is a zero balance when the event is over.  What this means for members is that depending on the event you participate in the fees could be different.  Each event has come up with a proposed budget to the Provincial Board for approval.  All efforts have been made to minimize the costs for participants.  Events which do not yet have a confirmed date, will be scheduled to avoid a conflict with an already scheduled event.

Established in 1980, Alberta 55 plus is a not for profit, volunteer driven group of people. We help mature Albertans enjoy a healthy, vital future through active lifestyle choices. We promote sports and recreation development for all Albertans 55 years of age and older. Our membership includes Albertans from eight different zones of the province.

Collectively, we support the Alberta 55 plus Summer/Winter Games and the Canada 55 plus Games.


Who We Are

Alberta 55 plus represents the heart of mature Albertans. It stands for the idea of a fuller, healthier, more vital future; for the straightforward steps that can be taken towards that future. We promote participation and action and have generated a unique spirit of cooperation across the province.

The association believes that sport and recreation development for mature adults is a provincial issue. It has a direct bearing on the quality of life in this province and it can become a way of life for the individual and the province as a whole. That is the ideal. We’re working to make it a reality.

Our Activities


Alpine Skiing Cycling Military Whist
Arts and Crafts Darts Pickleball
Track and Field Euchre Pool – 8 Ball
Bocce Floor Curling Pool – Snooker
Bowling – 5 Pin Floor Shuffleboard Scrabble
Bridge – Contract Golf  Slo‐Pitch
Bridge – Duplicate Hockey STURLING
Carpet Bowling Horseshoes SWIMMING
Cribbage Lawn Bowling Tennis
Cross-Country Skiing

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